Peters Bruveris

Someone Calls You

Someone calls you, when clouds thicken with rain,
Against dark blue skies when like a forge
The hanging tongue of the crazed bull glows;
Someone calls, he is unknowable, he plays
A thousand melodies, blows a thousand pipes,
On the pebbles of a thousand paths you create the impression
Of his palm; he calls, bees hum in the hive,
The horizon throbs, the screech-owl wails in the hollow, and a black
Scarf is fluttered along the forest’s edge by the wind;
He doesn't stop inviting, you lift the lantern and go
Along the edge of the house, through garden, over field, opposite forest
Like a scary secret, and the dogs of god bark…
The lantern casts a broad beam, calls, calls in guttering droplets.

And every drop that falls over you
Is like a spherical mirror, in which you are discernible.

— translated from the Latvian by Inara Cedrins