Issue 11

2001 — Vol. 8, No. 1. 60 poets, featuring work by Sherman Alexie, Rane Arroyo, Sigfus Bjartmarsson, Gwendolyn Brooks, Horace Coleman, Gregory Corso, John F. Deane, Colette Inez, Bobi Jones, Denise Levertov, Rebecca McClanahan, Janisse Ray, R. T. Smith, Ronny Someck, Dan Stryk, Virgil Suarez and Baron Wormser. This issue includes an essay on Denise Levertov’s A Tree Telling Of Orpheus, an overview of the work of David Brendan Hopes and reviews of books by Mary Adams, Cathy Smith Bowers, Marcia Douglas, Forrest Gander, Patricia Johnson, Jeff Daniel Marion, Ron Rash, Stephen Morris Roberts and Dana Wildsmith.

issue 11 cover