Issue 18

2008 — Vol. 15, No. 1. This issue contains new poetry by 40 poets including John Allman, Kathryn Stripling Byer, Hayden Carruth, Rene Char, Jean Esteve, Richard Jackson, Ana Minga, Simon Perchik, Carl Phillips, Umberto Piersanti, Patricia Smith, A. E. Stallings, John Wood, and others. There is also a Special Tribute to Jonathan Williams, including a selection of his poetry, essays and letters, an interview with Carl Phillips, a condensation of thirty years worth of interviews with William Matthews, a new essay on The Imagination as a Redemptive Force by Keith Flynn, and reviews of new books by Coral Bracho, Lynnell Edwards, Linda Parsons Marion, Philip Lamantia, Gary Copeland Lilley, Catherine Carter, Christine Rhein, Sam Taylor, and many more.

issue 18 cover