Michael Datcher

Messiah Complex

(For Jenoyne)


Redbone Jesus.
How you shelter

The weak
Call Children

Unto you. Old and infirm

Your seven digits
Like an idiot savant.

Your mother watches
Others walk by as you step up.

What would Jesus do
If he married himself? The two

Become one
On Christmas.


Unfold like
Origami. Revealing

The Apochrypha of Jenoyne. Mysteries
You uncover

Keep me deducing
Which wing you will unfold next.

A crocheted blanket
From the cabinet. Open it and there you are

A new life to wear

When you are cold
Or incomplete. I study

How you comeback like Magic
In the fourth. Yet, my critical eye

Is a scalpel
Aimed at your choices.

You ride
A pole

Of your own making. Then ride mine.
Your freak tumbles out a closet

As secrets do
Before they become lies. Medusa crouches

In the folds of your labia. Hoodooing my
Phallus into stone. Artisan

Carves an ecstatic

Your right hand guides

My Stonehenge
Totem home.