Tom C. Hunley

Terzanelle of the Insomniac Dreamer

Who brings the light on nights like this?
Who arrested the wind that stole my hat?
My polyglot girl with fifty words for “bliss.”

I fear I’ll lose her, but I won’t say that.
Any words would make the darkness worse.
I cannot catch the wind that wears my hat.

One time she shrank me, put me in her purse.
She let me out, but still we couldn’t sleep.
Our words just made the darkness worse.

The wind blows through us, then it stops.
I try to sigh. She makes me laugh.
Tonight the dark is total, so she sleeps

and dreams her way into another life.
Who stole my laughter and never shares?
My sighs are sniggers rent in half.

Dear God, I’ve lost the language of my prayers.
Who paints the darkness on nights like this?
Who stole my laughter, then sold shares?
My tongue-tied girl who’s lost her words for “bliss.”