Robert Nazarene


They rang AAA
for a flatbed
tow; you know

about reputations, always
breaking down. Over-
heated educations.

Teaching was easy, learning
is hard. So’s concrete.
Also, nuts.

The famous poet,
late for the
Big Writers’ Conference,

(the B-I-G one:

read her poem
to the captive

Professor Irwin
Corey gave
a lovely Intro:

“The phone(iness) from six houses, and the powerlines from three
grouped-up above me, some first-rung of sky, him not comfortable,
nature silted-in to this maximum habitat — freedom —
passers by (woman and dog) vaguely relevant…”

The Guggenheim’s
went ga-ga.
In Cuba, people

drive ’51 Chevy’s
& poets
go to jail.

Write your Congressman