Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers

V. Fall

To descend on account
of gravity; to come down
hard and unexpectedly.
To be drawn or directed,
pulled, and shipwrecked—
a voice like a salve—
one with beautiful hands.
To decline. To be overthrown.
To be of a level lower, young
and hungry. To feel skin on
skin. To pass into a new mental,
physical or emotional condition:
to be fucked. To lose, to come
upon experience. To remember
having asked the question
about the ring she wore—
a silver snake, head wanting
tail, mouth so open and willing.
To know of silence, then speaking.
This season of winesap and golden
delicious. To be on the watershed—
the wafer-like page between fairytale
and fallacy. To learn to tell honey
from gilt, and milk from absence.