Joshua Auerbach

Some Slant of Light

Jaundiced is the note that sings out in terror
when life affirms the presence of light. When day shines
and life pours through like a slant of God’s rays. Here in
the moment, away from tug of traffic and
distractions, your cells metastasize. And with it
the light-giving energies sway, yet through
it all a serenity grows—it is here, in this
center-being, that will see the birth
of stars, that once again life follows, once again
salt void and teeming fullness
find their home. To the dark nebulae
and from the bottomless oceans, we say goodbye,
and I, your provenance-dweller, your resident in situ
for these precious days, say “Godspeed,” “Health.” For the crossing
over. For the obviating of pain. For all that is.