Gillian Clarke

Gillian Clarke was born in Cardiff, Wales in 1937 and has lived there and in Llandysul for most of her life. Her first full-length collection of poetry, The Sundial, appeared in 1978 and in the two decades since, she has become one of the most widely-read writers in Wales, well-known for her readings, radio programs and workshops. Her Selected Poems is one of the most popular volumes of modern Welsh poetry, having gone through seven printings in a dozen years. She was editor of the Anglo-Welsh Review from 1975–1984 and one of the founders of the Ty Newydd Writing Centre in Cricieth. Among her many collections of poetry are Letter From a Far Country (1982), Letting In the Rumour (1989), Harvest at Mynachlog (1990), and The King of Britain’s Daughter (1993). A volume of tribute to her work, Trying the Line, was published by Gomer Press in 1997.

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