Amon Liner

Amon Liner (1940–1976) was born May 29, 1940 in Charlotte, NC. Except for his years at Kenyon College in Ohio, he spent all his life in North Carolina. Born with a congenital heart defect, Liner lived the life of an intellectual and was dedicated to his writing from a young age. He left behind four complete book manuscripts of poetry, in addition to many notebooks, journals and plays. He had to anticipate his death all his life, and when he died, at age thirty-six, on July 26, 1976, he had outlived all his doctors’ predictions. He was poetry editor for The Red Clay Reader and reviewed books for The Charlotte Observer. Five collections of his work have appeared from Carolina Wren Press, including Chrome Grass, Rose, a Color of Darkness, and Dr. Faustwitz: Spaceman, Parts One and Two.

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